DIY Scented Circus Snow Cone Party Favors

DIY Scented Circus Snow Cone Party Favors
So a friend of mines wanted me to make some snow cone party favors for her son's birthday party. Here is what I came up with.....
I made them into necklaces and they were a hit at the party! Make your own snow cones by following along with my tutorial video.
Scrap clay
Yellow clay
Jump ring
Head pin
Notepad (I like sticky notes)
Scented oil 
Mod podge Dimensional magic
Paint brush
First print out the template below. The easiest way to resize the printables is in a word document. Measure the height of the wrapper you'll be using, and resize the printable wrapper to the same height :)
DIY scented snow cone wrapper
Follow along with my video to make your own snow cone:
They should look like this when your done:

scented snow conescented snow cone necklace

Happy Making!

Trina :)


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